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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

BWO emergers rule the afternoon

Wind has been a factor over the past couple of days, but BWOs have been coming off anyway. We had good strong hatches in the Canon City to Texas Creek water this afternoon and wind was actually a little milder in Canon than it was upstream......Larry's Iceberg Baetis has been the number one weapon. Fish it off a Black Ice nymph in late morning and pull it up in the film in the afternoon with a greased leader technique or behind a dry fly. This thing is devastating but hard to see, so I like the target fly approach. Fish are holding in pocket water and foam lines. Expect BWO activity to get really good with clouds later in the week. Water flows will start coming down on Thursday, making wading and finding fish a little easier and floating a little harder.

Friday, March 17, 2006

BWO Increase in Intensity Under the Clouds

BWO hatches today moved from sporadic to fair. We have taken fish on adults, but primarily on emergers. Patterns like RS2s, Larry's Iceberg Baetis, Chocolate foam wings, and Cold Turkey Baetis all took fish today from 11AM to about 2PM. Nymphing with a Golden Stone and a dark Baetis nymph like a Black Ice or Pheasant Tail produced fish this morning. Spring hatches are here.