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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fall is Here

With August winding down, we not are entering into my favorite fishing season. September, October and November is sanctuary time. Except for hunters, summer tourist season is all but over. We now see the folks that live for the fall. The fly fishers that pray for a little light snow or mist and the hope for a BWO hatch on their favorite stream. Water is clear this time of year and it truly will make you a better fly fisher. It feels and looks like fall today and it's the middle of August. Even Lance Armstrong had to win the Leadville 100 last weekend in a snow storm at the pinnacle of the race. My arm has a twitch in it from just looking outside. Why isn't everyone out fishing? The river virtually has no one on it and this is the absolute perfect day. It seems once that school starts there is a little lull in fishing traffic until after Labor Day. I'd take advantage of that if I were you. And, I'm not talking about business here, I'm simply talking about a couple of hours on the river to sneak away and get your head right. With all the crap that is being bantered about right now by the aliens who seem to be in charge of everything in this country, I want to spend more and more time on the river for sanity. By the way, I'm not talking about illegal aliens here, I'm talking about politicians of all flavors who seem to be from another planet right now. The illegal aliens are mostly good folks trying to earn a living......I would not want to lower their stock by putting them in the same category as a politician. As you can tell, I need a day on the river...... By the way, thanks to all of you who have sent well wishes to Jan after her knee surgery. She is doing well and will be back in the shop soon to help you with a smile.
The Arkansas has reduced in flow down to 450 cfs and still has a little to go. That means fish are going to take sanctuary in deeper riffles and cut bank shorelines around boulder seams. We are starting to see fish move to wet flies with multiple Caddis hatches occurring and we had a sporadic BWO hatch the other day in the rain with lots of fish working emergers about 2 inches deep. This should line up to be an incredible fall season, but you will be required to break out the fluorocarbon tippet even on the Arkansas. Wild Browns will get a little spooky as they prepare to spawn. Right now they are beefing up to do just that. It may be me, but it seems that fall fish and river behavior may be rolling around just a little on the early side. This may be one of those years when we get a late September snow storm. I kinda hate to say that since I haven't had enough summer yet. This has been a pretty cool, wet summer season. We have just not had many really warm, dry days to be proud of. That just hurts my feelings, not the fishing. It has been absolutely outstanding and continues to be. Every river from the Dream Stream to the Frying Pan has been fishing very well, some better than others of course, but I believe we are set up with enough water to enjoy a truly spectacular fall season of dry fly fishing. Don't forget that the spawning run of Browns on the South Platte is only about 5 or 6 weeks away. We had a great one last year and I expect the same this year. So, if you are waiting for your big fishing trip after the heavy tourist traffic is over, then just pick you favorite river and get after it. Stock up on good red wine and some 2" New York strips and go for a fall camping trip. The next few weeks in front of us is when God does some of his best work. The colors are vibrant, the sky is that beautiful shade of fall blue and the fish are happy. And as my mother used to say, "Just go already."