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Monday, April 02, 2012

38th Parralel

As springtime comes full swing in the Rockies, I look forward to fishing in the Fall this week. Thursday morning I depart on a 7500 mile trip to where its a bit cooler and more like October @ the 38th Parallel South.
Hosting 2 weeks in Argentina during their late fall is a joy for me. I have always been and will always be a lover of extremely large flies, and the fishing in Argentina this time of year truly requires them.....4" Double Bunnies, Triple Hinged Articulates, and Mice the size of your hand; that is what my box will consist of.....
Our first stop is Logo El Strobel (Jurassic Lake) in search of Rainbow Trout tipping the 25+ lb mark. This year we are there to focus on pulling mice for the hopes to find a willing vermin crushing machine! With a dabble of the Barrancosa River (A river half the size of the dream stream with 10 lb AVG. Trout), and the Encanadas Lagoons, we will have toured the best the Santa Cruz Province has to offer in the fall. From there I will move up to the Nahuel Hupai National Park region with a group of my best clients to enjoy a week of hunting giant lake run browns, brookies and sea run browns further south.
As spring continues to fish off the chart here, I hope for the best Fall in South America my clients and I have experienced!

Join us next November for a series of great host weeks throughout the Patagonia region of Argentina.....

Pic Above (Boxes Bound for Argentina Loaded with Trout Cheeseburgers, the vise needs a rest.....)
Pic Top (Jurassic Lake Pig)