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Friday, November 09, 2012

Overcast and rainy.....ooh boy!

Just a quick note. Overcast, mid 50's and drizzly in Canon City for the next few days. I predict some killer BWO Adult action, and maybe the last of the season........Water temps are perfect, fishing is productive, the stars will align this weekend and give us a blast of dry fly fishing in the second week of November!!!! Ridiculous.......

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Octoberfest @ RGA!

Come join us for a celebration of Fall Fishing!
The Octoberfest Event offers something for every angler......Take advantage of some crazy great deals on gear, cast the new Orvis Helios 2 Flyrod, or just have a brat and beer and listen to a few tunes!
Fishing on the Arkansas is still tremendous, so come spend some time with us at our Octoberfest Event and then hit the river!

*This sale event is one day only! All flies are applicable except streamers. The free dozen must be of equal or lessor value to the lowest priced fly in the first 2 dozen. Free winter tying grab bag goes to the first 12 customers. While supplies last.....

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Serious Dry Fly Weather Com'eth.....

Overcast and mid-50's in the forecast through Sunday in Canon City. The lower Arkansas is going to see some serious BWO action!!! Fall dry fly fishing at its finest, so be here or fish a nymph elsewhere......

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2 for 20

Yep, Brown Trout in the Arki are in pre-spawn behavior no doubt. Fish are eating pretty much anything you put in front of them. Pictured above are a nice pair taken on the classic 20-Incher. Still this pattern has to be one of the best stonefly imitations for freestone rivers!

Friday, September 14, 2012

How to work it.....a streamer retrieve guide!

Streamers truly are one of the most productive techniques in the fall. Typically Brown Trout are starting to phase into what we term "pre-spawn" behavior, I time period where this fish are extremely territorial and aggressive and operate in chase mode. This is why we really focus on streamers this time of year. The most typical question I receive in the flyshop...."How do I fish a streamer?" Pretty complex question, but the retrieve is the key to success. Generally this time of year we like an extremely rapid retrieve with even a little rod tip movement. Check out the above demo for some great insight to different retrieve techniques, this will give you a great leg up!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tying Epicness this Sunday!

Are you a fly tyer? And even if you aren't you need to tune in to watch some of the best technical tyers and designers in not only North America......but also Planet Earth!

Join five of Colorado's finest fly tiers as they demonstrate their craft and fish their signature patterns on some of Colorado's most famous rivers. AK Best, Ed Engle, Larry Kingrey, Ken Iwamasa, and Charlie Craven are featured on the Thompson, South Platte, Arkansas, Frying Pan, and Colorado rivers. 

Sunday September 2nd from 2 to 4 there or be a cube!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

A Bomber PMD for your 'Go To' Dry Box.....

Ladies and gentleman, one pattern stands above them all! I have not seen a pattern wreak havoc on fish since the good ole WD-40 days on the San Juan......Thank You Mr. Quigley for yet another pattern from your vice of secrets, you were quite the designer!

The Film Critic is a pretty well known pattern. Starting as a great Drake pattern for the Rio Grande, Roaring Fork and Frying Pan....this pattern has taken the Southern Rockies by storm. But what is the best of the Film Critics you may ask? THE PALE MORNING DUN. I just started tying and fishing this specific rendition of the well known crushing pattern, and WOW, very impressed. So, stop in your local flyshop and ask for the Film Critic PMD in a #16-18, you will not be disappointed!


Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Big Companies Give a lot of Love too!

Gotta love what great companies are doing for the environment and reinforcing the outdoor industry at the same time. In my opinion thats what we are in business to do, especially at the retail and outfitting level, and I am so energized when the big companies follow the same code of principals! 
Last February, the CEO of Patagonia, perhaps the world’s most conservation-minded outdoor gear and clothing company, spoke to eager business students and outdoor-industry professionals at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
CEO Casey Sheahan’s message was simple: Companies can do right by the environment and society and still turn a profit.
"Because Patagonia wants to be in business for a good long time — and leave a world inhabitable for our kids — we want to do the opposite of every other business today. We ask you to buy less and to reflect before you spend a dime on this jacket or anything else." Sheahan’s talk was littered with examples of Patagonia’s investment in conservation. Their headquarters parking lot is covered with solar panels; they support efforts to restore the desiccated Colorado River Delta here close to home; they initiated footprint measurement of all of their products to measure overall impact of a product on the environment; just a small few examples of the millions of dollars the company spends on reinforcing environmental pro activism...... 
So the message should be simple, know about the manufacturers of the products you are buying at every purchase level and what your dollars spent are going to. The fact is companies like Patagonia are few and far between, but your support to them goes much further than that company's bottom line, it goes to things far more important that we enjoy every day!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Late Summer/ Fall Lineup of Epic Gear Has arrived at RGA

Looking for the cool new shit too keep you looking like a gangsta on the river? Look no further. The late summer/ fall lineup of Patagonia, Simms, Costa, Buff, Orvis, etc. is all in house as we speak, and hotter than ever.......Get in the shop before or after a day an epic day on the river to check out some of the new goodies!

 Need an Island Hopper Shirt for those hot days on the river? Who doesn't...... Look like you are in the carribean but don't feel like it. Patagonia soft goods are second to none. Don't forget the Nano Puff vest for those cool evening sessions.....

 Costa Del Mar. .....You bet. The only sunglasses made purely for fisherman. And not just saltwater fisherman....Check out the Amber 580P lens. You will put down those old clunker shades.....
 Feel and look like a gangster!
 Simply the best, and the latest runs of Tundra and Roadies! Need to keep ice for 3 days? These will do it with a smile!
Know how to layer? Ask an associate at RGA how Capilene undergarments help you stay cool in the summer and warm in the fall!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gorge Challenge Casting Competition at the Whitewater Fest

If you haven't been to The Royal Gorge Whitewater are missing out big time. Cold Beer, Good Beer, Lots of Beer......and some great bands, water competitions, and all around fun. It is getting to be a huge event...Fibark who?

In right at a month, Royal Gorge Anglers will be sponsoring one of the coolest events on the planet at the festival! The Gorge Casting Competition will challenge your skills....but will be one hell of a time!

The competition is limited to 40 participants, so you all better get on the stick!

We hope to see you there on June 23rd......

Check out the Details on the Competition and Register Now!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Patagonia Photo Journal

So, as I look back on my weeks spent in the various regions of Argentine Patagonia this year, 2 things are for certain......There still is no place on earth like this, and them boys still know how to drink their wine!

Hope You Enjoy!

Santa Cruz Moon


Barely Enough....Backing

Fall Splendor


Real Shorelunch

The Hanky Strikes Again

Small Creek Trout





Orange Crush...


Small Creek Trout Dos





El Professor






Still Got it....

Wanna Go? Call us for host week dating, starting in November......

Cross Current Travel Group

Monday, April 02, 2012

38th Parralel

As springtime comes full swing in the Rockies, I look forward to fishing in the Fall this week. Thursday morning I depart on a 7500 mile trip to where its a bit cooler and more like October @ the 38th Parallel South.
Hosting 2 weeks in Argentina during their late fall is a joy for me. I have always been and will always be a lover of extremely large flies, and the fishing in Argentina this time of year truly requires them.....4" Double Bunnies, Triple Hinged Articulates, and Mice the size of your hand; that is what my box will consist of.....
Our first stop is Logo El Strobel (Jurassic Lake) in search of Rainbow Trout tipping the 25+ lb mark. This year we are there to focus on pulling mice for the hopes to find a willing vermin crushing machine! With a dabble of the Barrancosa River (A river half the size of the dream stream with 10 lb AVG. Trout), and the Encanadas Lagoons, we will have toured the best the Santa Cruz Province has to offer in the fall. From there I will move up to the Nahuel Hupai National Park region with a group of my best clients to enjoy a week of hunting giant lake run browns, brookies and sea run browns further south.
As spring continues to fish off the chart here, I hope for the best Fall in South America my clients and I have experienced!

Join us next November for a series of great host weeks throughout the Patagonia region of Argentina.....

Pic Above (Boxes Bound for Argentina Loaded with Trout Cheeseburgers, the vise needs a rest.....)
Pic Top (Jurassic Lake Pig)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Celebration Time! Grand opening at the New RGA

Ok all, this is the big Kahuna! If you have not heard through other means, we are at our new location and fully operational. Tomorrow is our big Grand Opening Celebration, 10 AM-3 PM at our new location (49311 W. US 50, Canon City, CO 81212).

You like beer, pizza, BADASS presentations, music and over 60 new fly rods to demo?

If you weren't committed to coming tomorrow after that last excerpt, we will also be giving away a new Orvis fly rod, a $200 local fly selection, and a Bighorn Wading Jacket as door prizes. Also if you are one of the first 40 customers through the door you will receive a free product grab bag!

Grand Door Prize: Orvis Access

Other Specials at the Grand Opening:

Scott A3 Flyrods = $200 (Every one, while supplies last)

Buy 2 dozen Get A Dozen Free Flies (same type)

50% off all W&M Products, period......

Be there or be a square!