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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alaska Fishing was Tremendous, but the Ark is on Fire!

So, I made it back from the largest state in the Union in one piece, which is always nice.......My last blog post explained the unexpected that is always present when heading to Alaska; and I tell you what this trip was nothing short of that in a great way. I enjoyed every second of my month up there, and experienced some new and great things! The people, the weather, the rivers, and the fish were all very Alaskan as always. Upon arrival I was delayed from flying south for a few days due to extreme winds in the Bristol Bay region. So, I found myself spending most of time in my favorite Anchorage bar, Humpys, taking down a few (or more) local micros.......Once I reached my destination, of utter bfn (middle of nowhere, bush AK) I found myself amazed yet again, even after 8 full seasons, of the magnificence of that place! Tremendous trout fishing, great clients, great friends, and an unmatched setting made my month fly by.........and I am so grateful for the memories!

However, if I was looking for tremendous trout fishing, it seems I should have just packed my bags and walked from my house 1 block down to the river. The last week of guide trips has been unparallelled by any other time period I have seen all year on the Arkansas.Tie on a bare hook and go, cuz the fishing is fairly outrageous right now, and you could have the river to yourself!!!!!
Attractors have been the ticket along with a number of sundry items such as Red Quill nymphs, BWO's, and well really anything that floats........

So, get out and fish, because Fall is upon us!

Above: 32" x 19" Copper River Rainbow taken on the switch rod