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Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Decisions

I feel blessed to live in such an incredible place. When you sit down to decide where you want to go for the day, and within one hour there are half a dozen world class fisheries, it makes it fairly difficult. But, that is a problem I enjoy having! During the late spring I find myself torn when I have a day to fish for myself. This week's fishery menu within an hour of my house is the following:

1. Arkansas River- Still producing some fierce hatches towards Salida. Most fish being taken on hopper dropper rigs, with a Stimi/Caddis Pupae combo. This is a true dry fly fisherman's delight........

2. South Platte River "Charlie Myers SWA- A few big boys are still kickin, so keep your eyes out, and your huevos rigs at the ready. But if you are afraid to walk, you better rethink it, cuz this is the time of the season for a walk. I suggest a light to no lunch........

3. Grape Creek-A magnificent fishery before the storm of mud hits. Fish are still holding in the deep pools in that winter mindset. It can literally be liking fishing in a barrel! Stick to streamers and hopper dropper rigs, focusing on a traditional prince. Not for the faint of heart however, be prepared to wear your snake gators!

4. Spinney Reservoir- Take your time with breakfast and you will be out of the winnings, this is an early morning fishery. However, some major hogs are making it to the net, with the odd 30" class brown.....Enough to make you look twice! Hang with an attractor nymph rig huevos/ scud and wait for the rail!

5. Antero Reservoir- "Ditto" Spinney with on average bigger fish/ and the occasional Hills Bros. Worm Can....Same rigs, but focus on the boat ramps......Bring a big net/ and possibly kite for when the breeze starts......

6. Elevenmile Reservoir- "A whole different Animal".......Sucker Cove has been producing some incredible Brown Trout numbers with a few lunkers. The real fishing has been for Mr. Tooth. Lots of 40" class pike cruising the shores and the inlet in pre spawn mode. Find some steel leader and a fly longer than the average school bus and go make a couple thousand casts. I promise the reward is there with the possibility always at a new state record!

So, in short within an hour of Canon City, we have the state's largest Caddis Hatch; Lake Run fish in a tail water; and, arguabley 3 of the 5 best reservoirs in the Rocky Mountains, all fishing tremendously. You are crazy if you don't just quite work, buy an old Volkswagen Bus, and live on the water for the next week or so. But, then I guess you would have to earn some money afterwards...........Or just follow my footsteps: "Destitute Fly Fishing Guide, with no real ambitions, except for the next cast."