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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Floats like a butterfly, stings like a Hog

Every now and then I have to just give mad props to those who produce outstanding products........This morning on my everyday Arkansas float, I realized how good I had it looking at all of those rubber boats floating down the river. See, the fact is the Arkansas, and many other large freestone rivers can be fairly difficult to navigate in any boat much less a drift boat. These rivers are too big, with way to many rocks; and the average drift boat would come out in several pieces or just find its way to the riverbed fairly quickly. So, most fisherman who float rivers like the Arkansas do so in rubber rafts with fishing frames, which is fine and dandy for most. But, for those of us who like the Cadillac, there is a company out there who has allowed us to float in style and comfort, and that is Hog Island Boatworks. They manufacturer the only one piece roto-molded polyethylene boat on the market.......making it indestructible, unsinkable, and incomparable to any other Dorry in the industry. In fact this boat is the only drift boat with a coast guard certification for flotation, that is it can't be sunk. The Coast Guard did a swamp test on the boat that consisted of drilling multiple holes in our hull, and placing over 5500 lbs of pig iron on the decks, and submerging our boat, rod storage and all for 18 hours. It popped back up, and made history. I have taken this ship down every section of the Arkansas River, and the durability, agility, and overall comfort continues to amaze me. This boat blows any other drift boat in the industry out of the water! Thanks John, for creating such a masterpiece!

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Bling Bling

Ok guys, so, fishing couldn't get too much better. Fish are smashing big nasty critters on the surface 6 hours out of the day. However, now we have a new variable, and that is the Pale Morning Dunn. I call this time of summer the "Bling Bling" Period. That is you could take one of your gold cavity fillings out, tie it to a hook, and go out and catch 40 with it. Gold is the color, plain and simple. We have some stellar patterns here at the shop that will give you a leg up, however, the Arkansas has always been a river based on color more than pattern, so as long as it is yellow to gold it will kill. Get on it people, the crowds are minimal, and the fishing is spectacular, so hook up the boat or your favorite wading boots and get here!