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Monday, April 12, 2010

Chance in a lifetime: Letter to the Editor

Hello Taylor,

I have some weeks that are open now that I would like to offer to you or your friends at a special price of $4000 per person, per week, with a booking of 4 . You will have exclusive use of the lodge and our services with your own group of 4. The weeks open at this time, are as follows, June 12-19. This is the first full week of the season, as Rainbow Trout season opens on June 8th, this week has fantastic fishing for Rainbows on smolt patterns, leeches, and both dry flies and nymphing, as well as mousing. The salmon smolt are leaving the lakes for the ocean and the Trout are gorging on them, especially at the mouths of the rivers. Igiugig Lodge just happens to be located at the mouth of the great Kvichak river, and from the living room at the lodge you can watch the birds diving into the water as the big schools of smolt enter the river. We caught several 30 inch trout, last season from both shore and boat fishing within sight of the lodge, our largest was 32 inches that week. I will also fly out a group each day to rivers near by that also have great fishing that week and on some we will also be able to use dry flies as well as smolt patterns, and leeches. The next week is June 19-26, this week the Rainbow fishing is still fantastic with the same techniques, but we add in King Salmon fishing on the Nushagak river where I have 2 boats and that river is famous for having the largest run of Kings in the world, the Kings should be running strong, that week and would make a great combination with Rainbow Trout. Also on the Kvichak river the Sockeye salmon should be showing up towards the end of the week. Both of these weeks Grayling and Northern Pike fishing is also great, and can be added in for some variety if you want.
The next week I have at this special price is July 17-24, this is the week the biggest Kings show up on the Nushagak river, we will also fish for Chum Salmon which are great fighters, and are perfect for fly fishing as they are caught on the shallow bars. We will also be able to fish for fresh Sockeye Salmon as well. And also Rainbows, Grayling, Dolly Varden and Northern Pike, are fishing well.
The last weeks I have at this time for this price, is September 18-25, and September 25- October 2nd, this is a time when the Rainbow fishing is on fire, on all the rivers, including my home river the Kvichak, as well as Talarik creek, Kulik river, Brooks river, Moraine creek,Battle creek, the Big Ku, and many others within a 15 minute flight from the lodge. We catch many fish in 27-32 inch class at this time, on egg patterns, as well as flesh flies and leeches.
Our normal price for a 7 day stay at Igiugig lodge is $5500, so this is a substantial discount for these weeks. All the great guiding services, food and beverages and accommodations will be the same as a full priced week. We really would like to fill up our schedule and stay busy all summer. With a booking of 4 fishermen we will lock up the week for your groups exclusive use.


Brad Waitman

****Taylor's Commentary: Anyone who wants to experience a full service fly out lodge in argue ably the best fly fishing region in Alaska, if not the world; would be crazy not to jump on this! Give me a call at the shop if you have any questions!

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Let the 10 day countdown begin! I always have a bet with the old man as to when the first blowout hatch will be, and this year my money is on the 17th. I have started to see a lot of closed caddis cases, and our water temps are starting to make the rise mid day. If we can get 5 straight days of near 70 degree weather, the hatch will be on. Keep your eyes on the blog, as I will countdown as I start to see sporadic hatches. I can’t stress enough, when the hatch starts, to focus on the pupae stage for the first few days. It will take a few intense hatches for the fish to recognize the adult stage. But, you better believe they are tearing up the pupa (emerger) during these early hatches. Some of the greatest number days I have ever had on this river have been before the adult recognition, so please focus on the pupa, and don’t be afraid to be a swinger…….
The picture above shows the presentation sequence of the larval emergence (pupal stage).