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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Arki Gets Headlines

Check out this weeks outdoor article in the Denver Post: Article.

Get Arki bound, or miss out on all the fun!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rob Goes Anti Pebble!

Some more good news on the Alaska Front.....But still one step at a time!

Hollywood star Robert Redford is speaking out against the Pebble Mine, a huge copper and gold deposit poised for development in southwest Alaska, which also hosts the world's last and best wild salmon runs and trout streams.

Redford posted a blog entry Thursday morning on the Huffington Post website that says he's not against mining but is against "putting mega-mines where they don't belong."

He also is speaking out in a New York Times advertisement paid for by the Natural Resources Defense Council asking mining companies Rio Tinto and Anglo American to leave Bristol Bay alone.

Redford describes Pebble as a disaster-in-the making. But the mining companies maintain they can develop the mine responsibly and without harming fish.

We are so pleased to have a conservationist such as Robert on board, every little bit helps!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

On The Water Reporting @ RGA

I am so excited about our new report system, which will feature on the water video reporting! We now have a video window on our Arkansas River Report Page: Arki Report, that will feature fly fishing tidbits for the day and great all around stuff for you too use on the water. I hope this is such a useful tool for everyone! We will continue to work on live streaming updates, and as our communications technology improves in the canyon, we will be there!

Our reports coming up will feature the Royal Gorge Anglers fly box (a look at the day's selections); Flow Updates; and Tools & Techniques........

Friday, April 22, 2011

Parle Vu Rendezvous

On Tuesday we hooked up the Hog Island, unrolled our sails, and the wind took us to Casper WY for the 25th Annual Orvis Rendezvous. Not only was I relieved to arrive after the usual gale force hurricane winds on the way, but also to see every truck in the hotel parking lot attached to a Dory! We had a great 2 day meet and greet with the Orvis owners/ staff; and saw a ton of great new product that will be available soon if not now! We even got a chance to get on the Reef to do some on the water clinics to test our guiding and angler prowess.....Even saw some Blue Wings, until they blew off!

A great program and great couple of days, but always awesome to roll home and see the Arki!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Great trip to our private water.

Our private water section provided a great day of fishing for Layne and Sherry yesterday. We found fish on double nymph rigs of stone fly imitations and baetis nymphs all day long and had some productive fishing on the surface and just below with baetis drys and emergers in the afternoon. Every where we looked we were finding good hatches of blue wing olives and all the conditions are right for an explosion of caddis that I'm sure will happen soon.

Matt Ellis- Guide

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Saltwater Fever

C. Werthman with an incredible Bone in the hamas.....Saltwater fishing is a tremendous part of the sport! I dream of fish like this every night, and count the days between my trips to the flats. Whether it is Belize, Costa Rica, or the Bahamas; it really makes no difference. Its about the sand between your toes, the cold refreshment between your fingers and the sightfishing hunt on the flats.

When are you going? Not if, but when? This is how you should be loving to live your life......

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Oven is Preheated.....GET your Caddis Ready!

Another great week of trips last week! The river is truly starting to come into true form! Watch for updates daily this week, as we WILL see Caddis on the lower river. Water temps are right and oven is preheated; get ready for a big one this season!

Check out this post from one of our groups on Friday. What a great day on the water with these girls! Check out this post about the day from their website at Reel Sisters of Colorado: Reel Sisters!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Deep Water Cay Bound

So the best 2 sticks in southern Colorado, Joe Bower and SoCO Guides Head Guide, Clint Werthman waiting patiently in Miami for their flight to Grand Bahama (And Sporting their Cross Current Travel Hats!)! Good luck to these 2 as they spend a week in Deep Water Cay fishing for what may be the biggest bonefish in the world! Stick a big one boys, wish I was there with ya!!!!

Keep your eyes out for a special host trip to this great destination next season through Cross Current Travel Group!