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Thursday, June 30, 2011

"What the Shuck" goes Off with a Bang!

Just got back from Creede, CO and the beautiful Rio Grande for the 2nd Annual "What the Shuck?" event! In a nutshell, this event event brings a core group of Bad-Ass fly shop owners and a select few manufacturers together for 3 days of industry enlightenment, alcohol consuming and debauchery. I take to heart several things from the past 3 days:

#1: We all work in the best industry on Earth, whether you are a guide, owner, or shop dude; this industry kicks ass!

#2: There is plenty of Beer and Maker's Mark in Creede....We tested supply levels

#3: Cats become legends and are the life of the party in Creede, even in a petrified state. See Exhibit A- Tired Kitty Fan Page

#4: If you sleep walk and drink considerably, think about picking a room with a locking door, just so you don't give your roommates the wrong impression. (I am not speaking from personal experience just observation)

#5 The trout in the Rio Grande are Chubby-Chasers, and take down one from time to time. Enough said.

I'd Like to thank Andy, Patrick and most of all Whitey for putting on a kick-ass event, where we not only caught great fish on big flies and drained alcohol supplies in Mineral County; but we learned valuable lessons and gained valuable knowledge to help us continue to supply great service to our loyal and valuable angling compadres!

See the Idylwilde Blog for more in depth info on the What the Shuck, and check out some of their sick patterns on the way out!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Larry Kingrey Signature Pattern videos!

If you haven't already viewed them, this is a quick note to inform you that we have a series of new great instructional videos on the RGA Site Homepage. Larry Kingrey, in my opinion is one of the greatest technical tyers and fly designers in North America! A guide and tyer for over 25 years, he truly has revolutionized aquatic intepretation and design. Many of the up and coming designers and tyers are simply following in the footsteps of greats like Larry, AK Best, Gary Lafontaine, Don Puterbaugh, and Mike Lawson.......The video clips of Larry tying the Mama Ape and Gold Ice have been provided by local documentary filmmaker Sam Ebersole. You may have seen his recent documentary Colorado Cane on PBS or World Fishing Network. His next project, featuring some of Colorado's most highly-regarded fly tiers (including Larry Kingrey) is scheduled for completion in late fall or early winter.
Check them out!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Join Us @ The Whitewater Fest!

The Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival is held annually in beautiful CaƱon City, Colorado. Where the Arkansas River flows, rages, and tumbles out of the world famous Royal Gorge. This is the premier whitewater and river event of the Summer. Come join our festival on June 24 & 25, 2011!

This year the festival will be held at Centennial Park, located along the beautiful banks of the Arkansas River. There will be eight different events on the river this year, as well as demos through out both days. Come enjoy the sights sounds, and good beer.

Come on down to the RGA booth and hang out!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What lurks beneath......

When your having a lovely day fishing for trout on your local lake, river, or reservoir; have you ever peered into the dark depths and wondered, I wonder what kind of gnarly creature may reside beneath? The fact is, there are some creatures that lurk in the depths of the lakes and reservoirs and sometimes even rivers of Colorado that could take a small child........

As the large watersheds of Colorado rage in early June, those of us that call guiding a profession look to other avenues; often times wandering from a focus on trout to occupy our time and client days. Although it is most times not recognized by the average angler in the Rocky Mountains; we truly do have some world class fishing for species other than trout, including but not limited to: Common Carp; Grass Carp; Large Mouth Bass; Small Mouth Bass; Northern Pike; Lake Trout; and Tiger Musky. Getting to the point.... Commit some good time this season to pursuing a species other than trout in your local areas! I think you will find it very rewarding in terms of building your fly fishing skill set, as well as getting shots at fish that will make your heart rate skyrocket! Above is a Northern taken in a local reservoir very close to Canon City. Next time you stick your toes in, you might have second thoughts.........

Stay tuned for some tying tidbits for predatory fish. Find some extremely large hooks and get ready to tape down your ears........