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Saturday, February 09, 2013


Ok folks, I am so ready for what is to come in the next month or so! It is going to be a huge Spring on the Arkansas this year....and Stoneflies are going to kick it off in a big way!
This is unbelievable, but we are already seeing fish really start to key and feed heavily on Stoneflies, even in Bighorn Canyon. What Can this mean? Every year the Stoneflies in the Ark molt around the first week of March. Most species of stoneflies molt 20 to 30 times in their life. When they molt they turn a pale color and have much softer skin, which makes for easier digestion for the fish, which also makes them a much more attractive target.....

Here it is the 2nd week of February and we are already seeing this happen. Now, don't get me wrong..... the huge swing in productivity will still take a bit of time, but, we expect to see fish "mowing (destroying stoneflies, and or anything else that gets in their path)" before the last week of February. Why so early? We have been warmer than average. Although our long term forecast for this month and March predicts good precipitation in the mountains (which we need), it predicts warm temperatures in the Canon City'da''da'bing.....early Stonefly Molt and early great fishing! We have already seen some great days, but spread out. Once the stonefly molt is full swing, every day can be a banner day on this river. 

What else makes us excited? Last year the DOW planted a giant number of Salmonfly Nymphs in our river....thats right, the big boys! We even got to see a few localized hatches, and the fish went ape-s**t! This year is going to be epic, we will see a large number of this planted nymphs hatch this year (mid-june) during our standard stonefly hatch. We can't wait! These big boys will also play a big part in the stonefly molt, come check out some of our new local patterns to imitate those big boys!

So, get your gear ready folks, cuz the stonefly molt is upon us, and then follows our prolific BWO season, and then the Caddis Hatch.......If I were you I would just buy a second house on the Arkansas, because its going to be off the hook (actually on would be better).......

See you All Soon!


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blueheron said...

Nice, no doubt the Ark is alive. Funny I posted about trout moving to Stones in Canon City just on Wednesday! Lol Thanks for the report, I am looking forward to this spring!